Resin Driveways South Wales

Resin Bound Drive Qualified Installers

We supply and lay Aggregate Resin Bound Driveways, pathways, and patios throughout

Swansea, South and West Wales UK.

If you are looking for a fully sealed stunning, seamless resin floor, then we can help you choose the most appropriate finish for your new surfacing project.

We use a UV stable clear polyurethane resin bond overlay to bind together a mixture of aggregates to give a flat surface with a natural aggregate colour and excellent structural strength.

All our aggregates are washed, dried, and bagged to ensure that no dampness or dust in the stone and we offer a ten year guarantee with our work.


Maximum Strength, Durability and Finish
Set in Stones Swansea | How to Install a Resin Driveway

Set in Stones Swansea | How to Install a Resin Driveway

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Resin Drive in process
Resin Drive complete Swansea
Large resin patio

Set in Stones are qualified Specialists in Daltex aggregate Resin Drive installers presenting their brand new range of dried aggregate blends from DALTEX Bespoke.


Showing the exciting new colour scheme which combines various varieties of dried aggregates to create

40 stunning Colour blends.

Each blend is unique in its various sizes, colours, and textures, spanning the entire spectrum.

If you are are searching for rich reds, trendy greys, light browns, or stunning blacks, there is a DALTEX Bespoke Blend for every form of property-commercial or residential!

There's a coloured blend that suits every property and design style – it'll brighten up any surface. 


The new aggregate blends can be used to create different designs (such as logos, shapes, and letters) and create stunning multi-colour contrasts.

Resin Bound aggregate Drives, Patios, and Pathways look amazing in pictures but their true beauty becomes apparent in real life.

Resin Driveways Cost all drives are different in both sizes and in shape as well as varied surfaces.

So to ensure you get a fair and accurate quote contact us for more information or a free survey.

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benefits of resin driveways
  •       Permeable and SUDS compliant

  •       Non-fade, UV resistant

  •       Weed resistant cover

  •       Slip protection Surface

  •       Long life

  •       All weather Frost resistant 

  •       Totally seamless 

  •       Easy to clean and maintain

  •       Smooth, flat and hard wearing surface

  •       Unlimited aggregate designs 


Paving contractor

  • Asphalt paving & repair

  • Concrete work

  • Crack filling & sealing

  • Drainage work

  • Excavation & grading

  • Hardscapes

  • Sealcoating

  • Driveway Installations

  • Landscaping Service


  • Driveways and pathways restoration

  • Remove & Replace old surface area

  • Supply and fit Resin bounded driveway

  • Site preparation

Asphalt contractor

  • Tarmac Driveway Installation

  • Tarmac Drive Survey

  • Tarmac Walkway and pathway installations

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